Deep Theme is a versatile WordPress theme that will probably get you surprised. Why this I titled as a Multipurpose WordPress theme because this is one of the themes you can use for different types of websites. No matter what kind of website you want to create, Deep Theme will still be your choice.

I'll explain more about my speech about Deep Theme Why it's considered a versatile theme, so keep reading this review.



Deep Theme is a multipurpose WordPress theme developed by Webnus, where the Webnus are built by many professional team members in the field of WordPress. And one of the products of the Webnus is Deep, a theme that you can use to develop any kind of website that you can think of. It provides a huge number of templates, premium plugins, and a powerful page builder that you can use to build the most powerful WordPress website, and a Deep theme can be said to be one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes.

For example, when you want to create a WordPress site for your business, you can choose Deep Theme, when you want to create a Web education you can choose this theme. And so you'll still be able to choose Deep Theme.

Here I will explain some key points of the Deep WordPress theme, and discuss just about any advantages of this theme so you need to have one.


As I've said above, that Deep theme is a multipurpose theme, this is because until when I wrote this review, the theme has over 85 demos with a beautiful and modern look, where all the templates are carefully designed so that Featuring spectacular templates for a wide variety of websites.


By having one Deep theme, it means the same as having many themes ready for you to use for various website objectives. And with the sheer variety of demos displayed will make you can choose between demos to find the one that fits your needs. For example, if you want to develop an e-Commerce website, a web education, a hospital or a business website, you can create such websites using Deep because almost all of your needs have been provided by the Deep theme designer.

Webnus has tried to provide different options for different implementation scenarios. If you're running a digital marketing agency, there will be five different options as the Easyweb package tailored for each of these websites. Similarly, there are a variety of options for church and religious websites, wedding planner websites, restaurants, cafés, and even hotels. The good points about this demo is that they come with customized features.

For example, if you use a Health demo created for health services such as a doctor, you can display the features for ordering and calendars with the help of the MEC Pro version which is another product of Webnus.

It not only provides a huge and beautiful demo template for a wide variety of websites. Deep also provides a template for websites that are still in development namely the "Coming Soon" page. They provide 12 special templates for Coming Soon (Under Construction) that are ready in the theme so you can use them when you want to quickly go to the main tasks of building your website. Imagine, Deep theme also provides this kind of thing for you. It's really a complete theme.

Not only that, a Deep theme provides more than 160 shape templates, which helps you build whatever you want easily to meet the needs of your website. Using this handy template, you'll experience a unique website building quickly and easier than ever.


Deep like a typical WordPress theme that supports all of the popular plugins found in the plugin directory, the thing that distinguishes Deep from other WordPress themes is that there are over 29 premium WordPress plugins you can use to build the best WordPress website and the price of all the premium plugins brought by the Deep theme is over $700 and you can get all of it for free in one Deep Theme purchase package.

The Deep theme also uses three of the best page builders for WordPress, there are Elementor (plus the complete package of Jet Elements), King Composer and WP-Bakery, therefore, even if you don't have coding skills, you can build your page The easiest way possible using the direct Edit feature. and by Drag & Drop method. You can also use more than 160 shortcodes available in Deep.

When you can really utilize your specification on the Deep theme, then you will actually have a strong website and is full of features.


There are a number of options available for building your website page in Deep. If you can see from top to bottom quickly, the first thing you'll do is an awesome Deep header maker. This feature is almost unique among all other themes regarding the options it provides. You can change the style and order of almost everything in the header of your website using Deep Header Builder.

Deep also provides a dedicated builder or builder for a practical and easy footer for your website. You can create customized and unique footers for your website using the Deep footer builder.


One part of an integral WordPress site is the widget. Deep offers a complete and practical widget collection for users who are all made according to modern design methods. And to use the widget is very easy, you just have to drag and drop it.

And here are some of the widgets that the Deep theme brings :

  • Advertisement
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Google +
  • Copyright
  • Latest Posts
  • Latest Reviews
  • Login
  • Mini Slideshow
  • Popular Posts
  • Post Slider
  • Social Icons
  • Subscribe
  • Testimonials
  • Tabs
  • Youtube
  • Daily Post


When you look at Deep, maybe you'll think that this is a heavy WordPress theme, considering this theme is made with very feature-rich. But the estimate is certainly wrong because you need to know that Deep since version 2, they added a new feature called Automatic Speed Booster which can be a revolutionary change in coding theme pages.

From now on, the CSS and JS elements used will be loaded in the source code page and the additional code will not be loaded on the page. As a result, the page size will experience a considerable decrease and it will increase the loading speed.

The Deep theme in the page also states and gives evidence that some of the popular website speed testers like Google Page Speed, Gtmetric, Pingdom and web page test all give A deep theme A.


You can easily import the demos you want in the Deep WordPress theme. You just need to go to the theme dashboard, select the demo you want and click Import. Then you can choose which plugins you want to install and activate, in addition to those already in the demo.

There are several lists of plugins set and in the developer's recommendation for each demo theme, it is to be adapted to the theme demos and functions they need, but you can customize what plugins you will install according to Your needs.

You can also choose the demo page and which content to import for the demo. You'll have different options in this section that include posts, pages, widgets, theme options, and more options created before.


The Deep theme has a special options panel that you can use to customize and customize configurations like most other premium themes. You can customize almost every aspect of your website including fonts, colors, social buttons, page styles, blog styles, etc.

Maybe you can find many standard features in the best WordPress themes, but the built-in features practically separate the nice themes and great themes. It supports WPML, adaptive images, header builder, footer builder and more. The best thing about the Deep theme is that it supports most of these great features without needing to install plugins for them.


Engagement is one of the key factors for any website. Most teams work very hard to engage with as many visitors as possible. One of the most important aspects that every website should have, is its practical and fun platform for communication on websites. This is what Deeper Comment provides in the Deep package. This is a revolutionary step in the subject of WordPress comments that will bring new experiences to users who have never been like this before. This is a free WordPress plugin to be replaced for the original WordPress comment system. This Plugin has a modern design. It comes with a complete set of functions and features comments.


It's not hard to find a great premium WordPress theme, but if you're looking for a really good one, you should find a theme with an active support team and complete practical documentation. You need to know that the Webnus that is a company behind the Deep theme, has provided a good environment for sales support and technical support that is almost ready to answer your questions throughout the day. In addition, there is complete documentation available for the product, which you can learn and apply.


Deep Theme is not a theme that is completely sold in one theme package only. But by paying only $49, you have got an account in the Webnus that gives you the ability to access all the great themes made by Webnus, and all the premium plugins that I have mentioned above are also included in the price. So this is really very cheap. And you need to know that this is not an annual price but forever. With $49 alone you will get updates all the time.

And the very funny thing about the Deep theme is that there is a free version that you can download by simply entering your email address. Of course, the free version is the standard version and you will only get 3 templates namely Modern Agency, Personal Blog and Magazine. However, you'll get the Megamenu, header and footer builder and much more.


WordPress is a web platform or CMS that has millions of themes scattered both free and premium. And to find a premium theme is also very easy because there are so many developers creating premium themes with the best design and features.

But if you are looking for a customized design for many types of websites that even meet almost any type of website needed by most people and industries, you should look for modern and well-designed themes such as Deep WordPress Theme.

Since this theme can cover all your needs in design as well, reduce the cost of plugins you should buy to design your website. That's the reason why you need to try to use Deep in any of your website projects.

  • Design >>> 94%
  • Responsive >>> 100%
  • Layout >>> 90%
  • Features >>> 90%
  • Speed >>> 90%
  • Support >>> 92%


Deep is a versatile WordPress theme that will probably get you surprised. Why this I titled as a Multipurpose WordPress theme is because it is one theme you can use for various types of websites. No matter what kind of website you want to create, Deep Theme will still be your choice.

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